As a Problem Comes... I'm talking inside my head!? (Japanese: 問題が来るように...私は私の頭の中に話している? Mondai ga kuru yō ni... Watashi wa watashi no atama no naka ni hanashite iru?) is the third episode of Minions' Adventure.
Minions' adventure Title card2


At the Minion High School. the bell starts to ring. The Minions start to run in different directions, the scene cuts to Samantha and Ayame talking to each other, Ayame lies that she had to transfer school, making Samantha shocked. Rainbow says that she would quit to become a Miracle Spirit.

At the Kingdom of Chaos, Shira says to Majo that the purple ball was useless. Majo says that she could stole people's Soul Hearts.

The scene cuts to the classroom, Ayame starts talking to the students that she would transfer school and giggles inside her head. Making Everyone shocked.

Suddenly, Majo asks Margo who she is. Margo angrily says who she is, making Majo angry that she is a "rude kid" and takes Margo's Soul Heart. Samantha, Akari and Ayame sees Margo being captured into a purple ball. So, Rainbow tells them to transform and then they transform.

Majo sees the toy crab and uses the darkened Soul Heart and turns the toy crab into a Miyuza. The girls screamed, Miracle Cat kicks the Miyuza 6 times. Then, uses Charm Kiss. But it is ineffective. Miracle Arctic Fox and Miracle Puma use Dual Froze and hits the Miyuza.

Soon, Majo sends out Kira Reisen but gets purified by Miracle Cat's Meteor Heart. Making her turn back into a normal Minion. Miracle Cat asks who she is. Kira says her name. And then, Miracle Arctic Fox and Miracle Puma starts saying their names.

Majo gets mad that Kira turn back into a normal Minion. Rainbow says that Kira will be the fourth Miracle Spirit. So, during Kira's transformation, Rainbow sents her new purfume and Spirit Decor and transforms.  

Kira tries to have to cast powers and Rainbow says she needs to charge her perfume until it has an electronic spark. So, Kira's perfume sparks and starts using Bat Razors and purifies the Miyuza.

Soon, Majo dissappears and the world turn back to normal. Kira says she is from the Garden of Clouds. Rainbow was surprised. Samantha says that she would become a new student on the Minion High School. Kira agrees and Ayame apologizes that she lied for transferring schools and then.... She broke the fourth wall


  • This was the reference of the Episode 9 of an another anime, Smile Precure! because the character lies that he/she would transfer another school by talking inside his/her head.
  • It is confirmed that the Miyuza is a female, because the Miyuza wasn't effective of Miracle Cat's Charm Kiss.