Donny became like this

is the 11th episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions.


Someone starts hypnotizing minions to think about Banana all day so that he can make destruction to the city. Splinter was teaching Mikey a secret nunchucks moves. Just then they heard a sound. Someone with a dark suit came and went to a room. Splinter and Mikey quickly hid in Splinter's room. The mysterious man then sneaked into the room where Lance, Raphael and Donny stayed in. The man then caught Lance and so Raph and Don took their weapons and attacked them to rescue Lance. But then the criminal gave them a blinding shot then the 2 got slept. Lance was hypnotized so the criminal went to the window to leave. Splinter and Mikey then find the 3 but they only see the 2 and they have slept so they woke them up and asked what happened. After they heard someone saying "Banana!" so they checked it out but then it was just Lance hypnotized. They all thunk about this. Just then they all took a break. Donny went to the CR to pee, Raph went to the living room to punch the boxing box. Splinter went to his room while Mikey is practicing nunchucks moves went he felt urinating....He knocked on the CR because its locked. Then the criminal once again went and hypnotized. Donny was then hypnotized on the CR then the door opened and Donny went outside and led the hypnotized minions to attack the city to have Banana. Only Raph and Mike are the Minions left. Raph then went back to the living room and relaxed just then someone got down on the roof. It was the criminal again for the third time!!! He then chased Raph but Raph punched him hard. But then the criminal had a gun that he shooted to Raph which makes him defeated then made him alive again then quickly hypnotized. Mikey then realized that he is the only minion left so he faced them to stop the city destruction. The minions stole bananas and destroyed places, injured and hurted many people. Mike remembered what Splinter told him about nunchucks moves. He then did the secret moves and defeated all of them even the 3. Then he defeated the criminal named "Gobler" and so got his weapons pack and took the un-hypnotizer. Mikey did it and Splinter and the Minions were proud of him. Linter then congratulated him and then asked Mikey to defeat the 3 one by one withput weapon but just Banana.