Crom Diet is the 22th episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions. It will air at February 2013.



First the Purple Dragons were training their Criminal Fighters when someone tried to carry Crom they said that he's too fat and he's stupid until many told him that too. Crom got upset and got jealous of Vic was inspired that he's very thin and fast while he is very fat and slow. He also got jealous to Rake for being inspired as the leader and braver that him. This make him came with a plan. He bought a tredmil so that he can exercise every morning. Vic and Rake laughed at his activity. When they ate breakfast, Crom ate many carrots and repolyo. Vic and Rake then ate the unhealthy food that Crom supposed to eat. Then Mikey, Lance, Donny and Raphael saw them jogging they got surprised. They then got a plan to fight. After 2 weeks Crom became thinner and they and the minions fighted. Crom is already thinner and faster so he attacked Raph and Donny. Mikey was facing Vic and Lance is facing Rake. The 4 were defeated so they just went home sighed. Vic and Rake were happy about Crom doing the great job. Next day, the 4 minions were in the purple dragon's house they all hid in places. Rake then smelled pizza. Crom then gave them healthy food and said: "Here you go for you" The 2 then threw him unhealthy foods. Vic quickly punched him and made him lie down. Rake then held a chocolate bar then he was gonna thro it at his mouth when Crom got mad he then suddenly punched Vic which made him hitted the wall then attacked Rake and put the chocolate bar in his mouth instead. Then the minions attacked but Vic kicked them out then a larger war came. After Crom was finished with feeding Rake, he then fed Vic. After the 2 got fatter and ran then Crom laughs but saw a piece of sausage and ate it but he got fatter but he just laughed. The minions then went back but then laughed too and then Crom invited them to have a food party then Vic and Rake then rised and decided to join the food party.


  • This is the first time where Splinter and April did'nt made an appearance.