Despicable Me 3: Oblivion is a movie made by Illumination Entertainment/Universal to premire on July 22, 2016.


Release Date July 22, 2016
Type Currently Margo-Gru, possibly Minion-Gru.
Poster Coming soon...
Amount of Minions involved All 10,400 seen for more than 15 seconds, also more than 25 minions introduced.
Length 1:52:19 (1:57:01 counting intro/credits)


Gru recives a letter from the AVL saying to come to work to track down a crminal called Ninja Bewoken. Meanwhile, Lucy, Margo, Edith, Gru and Luna (Lucy's child) go to SSFN2 (after the first one blew up in Despicable Me: Vector's Return) but there is a MASSIVE earthquake and then they run home. Then, Ninja Bewoken teams up with the now-a-teenager Antonio, to blow up the AVL. It then attacks Gru's house. Then, distracting them to save the others, Edith shoots him with a freeze ray and they fly off. Gru comes home and finds his house in a mess. Edith explains what happened, and they, along with all 10,400 Minions, set off to find him. When they find him, they battle him. They shoot a missile, knocking Margo off the ledge she was on. After they get her back on, two minions and Nefario knock him over with a Electric-Fart Zapper. They all walk up to him, VERY ANGRY, and shoot him 50 times with a Electric-Fart-Freeze Gun. After they go home and have a massive picture.. 


Gru DM3

Gru Poster.