Despicable Me TV is a TV series which started on March 16, 2011.

Characters/Plot around them

Gru: Born in March 1964, he was a very despicable person until Adpotion (December 12, 2012) where he slowly learnt his ways.

Marleena Gru: A old lady, how debuted on July 2, 2012. (the opening of DMMM).

Vector Perkins: Gru's rival, who debuted in November 2011.

Dave, Stuart, Kevin: Gru's Minions  

Characters who have only appeared in Season 2 or later

Agnes: A young girl who depends on her older sister a lot.

Edith: A 9-year-old girl who loves martial arts.

Margo: A 12-year-old girl, who is quite sensible and curious, but her curiousness combined with Edith's need to fight everything that attacks them, she can get them into a lot of trouble sometimes.

Characters that have only appeared in Season 3 or later

Lucy- Gru's energetic wife. 

Stupu - Their dog. 

Characters that have only appeared in Season 4 or later

Mark - Lucy and Gru's son.

Episodes (best)

NAME Air Date Synopsis Viewers
Freezed March 17, 2011

Gru freezes

a lot of people

and then 

crashes into his


Wanka March 25, 2011

Minion+ banana.

You know.

My Rocket Car April 6, 2011 Gru upgrades his car. 2500
Oh god please no. December 25, 2011 Gru attempts to build a dart gun. But Vector sabotages it.  14000
I don't want cookies. February 5, 2012 Gru attempts to read in peace. But three little annoying orphans ruin it. 28000
Vector's Return May 3, 2012 Vector returns and sabotages Gru's base. 60000
Sub-Kevin October 2, 2012 Kevin gets cloned. 100000`
Late Adoption December 18, 2012 Edith ruins Gru by putting him on a online dating site and 10000 people date him. 136000
Why did you-- April 5, 2013 Margo gets them in trouble. 170000
I hate you. November 1, 2013 El Macho throws Margo and Agnes off a cliff. And then puts them in hospital.  226000
Bowie. Bowie. Bowie/That Could Be Better February 24, 2014/October 9, 2014

Agnes gets stuck in te Mushroom Kingdom. And Mario goes "Bowie.Bowie.Bowie.Bowie.Bowie.Bowie". Repeadtly.

Ep.2: TBA