Hello. This is a series in which each week, the Minions crossover with a different show/movie/game.

also. there are no returning villains but there could be different 1 time villains in each episode with the reused battle song from Despicable Me: Minion Rush!


Gru and others must stop more villains from other universes.


Season 1

Ep1: Ice Minion (from Frozen)

Ep2: France Minion (from Mr.Bean)

Ep3: Bird Minion (from Angry Birds Movie)

Ep3: Pig Minion (from Angry Birds Movie)

Ep4: Builder Minion (from Wreck-It-Ralph)

Ep4: Candy Girl Minion (from Wreck-It-Ralph)

Ep4: Future Minion (from Wreck-It-Ralph)

Ep5: Green Neptune Minion (from Scooby Doo)

Ep5: Scientist Minion (from Scooby Doo)

Ep6: The Lorax Minion (from The Lorax)

Ep7: Light Blue Minion (from Arch Creeper's costume)

Season 2

Ep1: Perry Platypus Minion (from Phineas And Ferb)

Ep1: Dominator Minion (from Phineas And Ferb)

Ep2: Tuff Minion (from Tuff Puppy)

Ep2: Doom Minion (from Tuff Puppy)

Ep3: Peanut Minion (from Snooby And The Peanuts)

Ep3: Zero Teacher Minion (from Snooby And The Peanuts)


there are before as main protagonists but. Gru is the only father villain and the main protagonist of the serie.

Season 1

Ep1: Elsa Arrendale (ice queen people character)

Ep2: Mr.Bean (annoying people character)

Ep3: Red Bird (large red bird character)

Ep4: Ralph (big evil people character)

Ep5: Scooby (large brown dog character)

Ep6: The Lorax (big orange cat character)

Season 2

Ep1: Phineas (long nose people character)

Ep2: Agent Puppy (coolest white puppy character)

Ep3: Snooby (white annoying dog character)


see there are different and should be appear in each episode!

Season 1

Ep1: Clock-Zen (time traveler moustache people villain)

Ep2: Mrs.Bean (Mr.Bean's grandmother people villain)

Ep3: Chicken Chucker (big chicken bomber villain)

Ep3: Queen Pig (pig villain)

Ep4: Lauder (mad hedgehog scientist villain)

Ep4: Sugar Mella (pink octopus villain)

Ep4: Electron (black robotic future villain)

Ep5: Green Neptune (sea monster villain)

Ep5: Class Man (people worker villain)

Ep6: Sollie Perkins (Vector Perkins's robotic sister villain)

Ep7: Arch Creeper (light blue creeper villain from minecraft)

Season 2

Ep1: ???? (unnamed villain)

Ep2: The Tuff Matter (blue robot villain)

Ep2: The Doom Matter (dark orange wall robot villain)

Ep3: Headless (giant annoying house villain)

Ep3: Zero Teacher (ultra women villain)


these are for villains than Gru!

Season 1

Ep1: Time Sucker (Clock-Zen's slide portal fightmachine)

Ep2: France Mobile (Mrs.Bean's airship fightmachine)

Ep3: Chicken flyer (Chicken Chucker's flying feather fightmachine)

Ep3: Kingdom destroyer (Queen Pig's rolling castle fightmachine)

Ep4: Electric Ball (Lauder's rolling fightmachine)

Ep4: Black Electric Ball (Electron's rolling future fightmachine)

Ep5: The White Boat (Class Man's cannon fightmachine)

Ep7: controlled Brainiac (Arch Creeper's flying claw fightmachine from The Sandbox)

Season 2

Ep1: Big Human Eater (????'s flying fightmachine)

Ep2: Wall Station (The Doom Matter's diving fightmachine)

Ep3: Apple Mobile (Zero Teacher's rolling fightmachine)

Season 1

Season 1 will have 7 episodes, 6 protagonists, 11 villains and 8 fightmachines.

Ep1: Despicable Me VS. Frozen.

Ep2: Despicable Me VS. Mr.Bean.

Ep3: Despicable Me VS. Angry Birds Movie.

Ep4: Despicable Me VS. Wreck-It-Ralph.

Ep5: Despicable Me VS. Scooby Doo.

Ep6: Despicable Me VS. The Lorax.

Ep7: Despicable Me VS, Frozen, Mr.Bean, Angry Birds, Wreck-It-Ralph, Scooby Doo and The Lorax.

main villain: Arch Creeper

Season 2

Seaon 2 is not complete.

Ep1: Despicable Me VS. Phineas And Ferb.

Ep2: Despicable Me VS. Tuff Puppy

Ep3: Despicable Me VS. Snooby And The Peanuts

main villain: N/A (added soon)