Dusk is a male dog of an unknown breed.


(Old photo, I might redraw him later) Dusk has a light brown center,and a dark brown body. He has light blue eyes and two ears that stick straight up along with a long floofy tail.


Dusk got his name because he was born just before dawn. He may come off shy to others, but he tries to hide his big personality due to his clumsiness. Dusk may have not admitted it at first, but he's got a huge crush on Creamsicle, and sometimes he can be a big kid in a grownups body. He was also very spoiled until he met his brother.


Dusk was a spoiled and pampered pup, and is the younger brother of Rusty.He was spoiled rotten, and had gotten his little brother abandoned when the two of them were adopted into the same families. The two did not know they were brothers until they met with their father, who explained to them how the were brothers, but did not have the same mother. Rusty's mother died when she tried to save him from the pound,and Dusk's mom was rotten to the core, and when when their father tried to adopt him into the family, she despised him and had tried to get rid of them.

Dusk soon moved to New York, where he met Creamsicle and the others pets. He goes after Creamsicle when she runs off, and runs into Rusty and gets into an altercation. After Snowball moved to their new York apartments, He starts dating Creamsicle until they get married and have 5 beautiful puppies together.

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