Edith Changes is the 4th episode of Despicable Adventures.


When Edith was already 10 years old and Margo is 13 so she likes to be like her. Edith notices things around her. She realize that she never let anyone except for her family to show her hair or remove her kneecap. She also realizes that it's not good to be tomboy as she sees girls with boys. So for this, Edith decided to stand for herself to make a difference. She tried to make herself prettier than ever. He also acted more mature like Margo. Soon when she made a difference, the new Edith was born. The new Edith is smarter, prettier, friendlier and more mature than ever. She already can be seen without her kneecap. Everyone in town likes Edith now and the Minions like her more. There are some boys who is falling for her, like Margo. Gru and Lucy were very proud of this.