Not so much of a welcome to Minion High

Human Dave and Human Evad/Evan

Equestria Minions is a film created by a YouTube channel named SquarePantsMan1. It is also an episode of The Minions Movie Series


Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Jerry, John, Jorge and Dave's pet dragon Steve all go to Gru and Lucy's house to celebrate Dave's award for Minion of the Year. During the night, a jealous Evil Minion named Evad steals Dave's banana crown and goes throught a wierd mirror. So Dave and Steve follow Evad, and Dave becomes a human, and Steve becomes a dog all at a high school named Minion High. So it's up to Dave to reunite the other minions and get back the Banana Crown!


Steve Carrel as Gru

Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud as Dave, Stuart, Jorge, Steve, Kevin, Jerry, John Minions

Kristin Wiig as Lucy

Miranda Cosgrove as Margo

Dana Gaier as Edith

Elise Fisher as Agnes

Brad Pitt as Principal Mike Minion

Will Ferrell as Vice Principal Bart Minion

Roger L. Jackson as Evad/Evan Minions

Anna Faris as Several Female Minion Students

Neve Campbell as Teacher Diane Minion

Rose McGowan as Zoey Minion, Dave's Crush and Potential Girlfriend

Jamie Kennedy as Several Male Minion Students

Ian Hecox as YouTuber Slave Minion

Anthony Padilla as YouTuber Slave Minion 2

David Tennant as Doctor Who Minion


  • This is the first time the Minions speak full English. Before Dave stepped in the mirror, there were subtitles that said what the Minions said.
  • This is the first time there was new voice actors for the Minions.
  • Gru and Lucy were originally set to be principals but the designs would be too hard to make, so the principals are two Minions.
  • This is an Equestria Girls + Despicable Me 2 crossover film.
  • The colors of the tuxedos the Minions wear at the Fall Formal are based on the MLP Mane 6. Dave has Twilight Sparkle purple, John has Rarity white, Jerry has Applejack orange, Stuart has Rainbow Dash aqua, Jorge has Fluttershy yellow, and Kevin has Pinkie Pie pink.
  • The main Minions were originally female, like EQG, but the whole cast reversed genders to fit in with Minions.