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The Evil Robots are Gru's Minions that had been turned into Robots in Despicable Me 3. Minions are turned into those robots by using a special machine invented by Doctor Mocker.

The process is done by releasing a tiny particle-sized Picobots, (which was also invented by Doctor Mocker). The Picobots automatically fuse with the subject's DNA.

To revert them back into a normal minion, the central power system which controls the Picobots have to be turned off. However, this can risk the subject in losing its life. The remaining Picobots have to be removed from the subject in 5 minutes, using a highly-powered electromagnetic gun.


The strength of the Evil Robots is so high that even the most powerful gun in the world cannot be used on them. They are also known to be to strongest creatures in the world.


The only weakness of the Evil Robots is electricity. However, this could stun them And give you more time to hit them until they turn back to normal.


  • Jerry is the first one to be a Robot Minion.
  • Some minions, including Dave, Carl, and Phil, are not turned into Evil Robots.
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