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A few weeks after Creamsicle and Dusk's double wedding with Gidget and Max, two cute little puppies were born under the moon. One came out super fluff while the other was a shorthair beauty.


Maxwell: Maxwell has one floppy brown ear and one pure white straight ear. He has what looks like two oramge spots slapped on top of his soft smooth hair. He has two orange blotches on his chest. His left foreleg bears a dark brown "wristband" around his leg. He has a right brown forepaw. He has an orange and brown tail and tops it of with beautiful brown eyes.

Gadget: Gaget has more of her mother's appearance when it comes to the fur. She has her father's floppy ears with her mother's fuzzy fur. She has plain white fur mostly, but has seagreen eyes and has an orange pattern go down her left hind leg, with three orange blotches to finish it off.


Maxwell: He's on the quiet side, and tends to ussualy keep to himself. Unlike his rambuncious older sister, he's as calm as a cucumber. He tends to rough when His sister steals his toys. He has a crush on one of Creamsicle's puppies, Avery, and often gets teased by his older sister. He loves to snooze on Katie's lap and eats his favorite cheesy dog food with his father. He even loves to play tug-of-war with Duke, even though he always loses. He even tried to eat Snowball one time when he was a little baby.

Gadget: Gadget is a complete tomboy. She's very fidgety, and often bullying her little brother. She likes to watch television with her mother, and sometimes her father takes her on walks with their walker, Germo. She loves to snuggle in Katie's scarfs, and often likes to take her little brothers toys and enjoys teasing him about his little puppy crush on Avery. She can't admit it and she won't admit it, but even though she likes to tease her lil bro, she has a tiny puppy crush on Kenny, another one of Creamsicle's pups.

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