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Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Occupation Singer
  • Vector
  • Meena
  • El Macho
  • Felonious Gru
  • Dr. Nefario
Appearances The Mr. Perkins Show

 ​Jake is the singer of the hitmaking band The Yellow Bananas.

Early Life

Jake was at a young age when he knew what he wanted to do. "When I was younger, I always hummed and sang while I was doing work or whatever." In 2013, after having a massive fight with Gru, he, Anthony, Rodney, Terry, Cody, and Andy were fired and told "Never bother to return." "I never really liked Gru to begin with, I mean, he made himself look like the God, he'd deny it knowing that bloke, but I can remember Dave and Tim worshipping him, bowing at his feet. That's not how employers treat their co-workers, they don't make themself seem like a God. I did my work, but I never really liked doing anything for Gru." After being fired, the group of minions knew what they wanted to do. "We knew what we wanted, not a doubt. It was naming it was where it got tricky." After much debate, the group decided on "The Yellow Bananas".

Minion Mania and Doin' Chores

In the summer of June 2013, the group began recording in Perez Studios with Eduardo Perez as their manager. "He was a nice fella for the most part. He let us use his recording studio and that, but when we found out he was taking are money, we instantly fired him." The group at the time had released Minion Mania, and Perez believed he deserved the money that the group was making off the album. In a huge court case, the jury found in favor of Eduado Perez. "It was bullsh*t, it really was. We fired that greedy scum, and he still gets our money, unbelievable." Despite sells being enough to reach Gold, it wasn't very popular with most minions. On December 15, 2013, Doin' Chores was released as a single with Minion's Only Hope as it's b-side.