Kaede Amaterasu
Kaede amaterasu
Vital statistics
Position Gatekeeper and Gardener of Kingdom of Clouds
Age At least 1,000 years
Status Alive (Video Game)
Deceased (Movie)
Physical attributes
Height Human-sized (Normal)
15 (Powerful Form)
Weight 12
Kaede Amaterasu is Youkai who is Mika Amaterasu's older sister and creator of Miracle Firefly. In Minions' Adventure: The Movie, she failed to defeat Rina as she gets stabbed by her scythe.


Kaede has a light green wavy hair, purple eyes and wears a teal cap. She wears a white blouse, dark green vest and skirt, light blue backpack, socks and dark green shoes. She has a green ribbon that is tied to her neck, once she takes it off she will transform into her powerful form.

In her Powerful Form, her hair is straight and longer and her ribbon is tied on it. She wears an orange shirt, yellow skirt and her shoes are now orange and bat wings are sprouting from her back.



Kaede's Theme

Kaede's Theme


  • Since she isn't the boss battle of the game, her theme only plays when you talk to her.
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