Vital statistics
Position Queen Sayuri's Servant, Eclipse controller
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 12
Weight 11
Kyuketsuki Nisshoku (Japanese: 吸血鬼日食 Kyuketsuki Nisshoku) is a supporting character of Minions' Adventure.


Kyuketsuki is kind-hearted and likes to control eclipse like Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Unlike most vampires she doesn't suck blood.


Kyuketsuki is a vampire with bat wings. She wears a black dress and shoes, she has dark red eyes. She has a short brown hair with a bat hair clip on it.


  • Kyuketsuki claims she is Yorokobi's sister, but her last name is "Nisshoku" instead of "Senbō". So Kyuketsuki would might be Yorokobi's adopted sister.
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