Majo Gōsuto
Vital statistics
Position Kingdom of Chaos commander
Age 15
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 11
Weight 12
Majo Gōsuto is the older commander of Kingdom of Chaos in Minions' Adventure.


Witch form

Majo wears a witch hat with a dark purple belt. She looks sightly a young girl but she has still have an adult woman voice in the Anime. She wears a gothic dress with three black flowers and a large ribbon behind her dress. She has a long, dark purple hair, purple eyes and a wand with a round "ball" on the top to have an ability to cast powers.

Human form

When Majo transforms into her human form. Her hair is sightly shorter but its still a long hair. She wears a white school uniform, light green skirt, school shoes with white socks on it, She wears a light green headband with ribbons in the side of her hair. Her eyes are purple but sightly darker. This is why she disguised as a human to meet Gru and his Minions without being known who she is.