Vital statistics
Position Speedy and Energetic Ninja Minion
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 7 bananas
Weight 5 bls
Mikey aka Michaelangelo is one of Gru's Minions. He is a protagonist in Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions. He is voiced by Donald McRonald.

Mikey has many nicknames for Michaelangelo. He is a funloving minion that loves skating, dancing, pizza and his nunchucks. He is the fastest among the 4 and the most energetic. He is a master of nunchucks and backflips. He is very cheerful and can make others cheer up. He is the one who makes the team happy whenever they are worried. He hates the smell of farts!


Mikey was born at January 4, 1998, after 5 days on Donny's birthdate at December 31 1997. He was borned very playful and cheerful. He was the peace-maker of the group and cheerer. Though he can cause some troubles, he has the ability to run fast and can act things to destruct a villain. As the youngest, he seemed to be the most immature and cheerful. In Rise of the Minions Part 1, he and his brothers were mutated into minions that act as people. They meet April, a minion who was already mutated by the Kraang, which becamed their crush too. His weapon his two nunchucks. He is a master of it, and can make different abilities in it. He always says "Booyakasha!" whenever they are in fight.



Lance really cares for him. They never fight and doesn't interact much. Lance knows that Mikey is the youngest so he had care and gives him a good treat.


They interact very much. Mikey seem to be closest to Donatello. Although they have some fights, Donny cares for him. Whenever Donny has a new gadget or invention, Mikey is the first to try it out. Mikey and Donny are usually together on battles/fighting.


Raphael and Mikey care for each other. Though Raph fights with Mikey when he jokes him or had hurt him, he still cares for him snd is very overprotective. Once Mikey is hurted, he quickly rescues him for he knows that he is his younger brother.


They are very close within each other. They love playing games and jokes. Mikey has a crush on her but never joins fights with his brothers in winning April's heart.


August has a huge crush on Mikey. Although Mikey is after April, he also spends rime with August and likes her. In the episode Minions Rule!!!, they had their first kiss and later on dated each other.