Minion Rebellion is a Bookwritten by Darwin Revenge and Kez Felix Cloudaway. It is the first book of Minion Adventures.


On a typical day, the minions were working in Gru's Lab when they heard a strange noise. A minion went to go see what it was, but he found nothing. Just then, a big barrel slammed into him, and 5 minions started laughing at him so he kicked one in the face, starting a fight. After one of the 5 minions bumped onto a group of many minions, a bigger fight started. Then a minion came and held up a banana. Many of them chased him ,but then he fired a fart gun to get rid of them. The other minions took weapons too and started a fire fight with each other. It became a large scale rebellion, which almost all minions were in. (Excluding: Dave, Darwin, Phil, Stuart, Kevin, Jerry, Carl, Tim, Mark, Tom, Ken, Mikey, Lance, Donny, Raphael, John, Paul, Steve, Frank, Lary, Jorge, Snape, Bob, Josh, Bill, Billy, Cliff and Scott). They went to Gru for this. Gru, alongside 28 of his Minions, Dr. Nefario, Lucy Wilde and the girls Margo, Edith and Agnes solved the conflict. Donny and Darwin used the big papple canon, Dave used the Papoy Papoy Toy Toy hammer.

Items used