Minion Power
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date January 2013
Written by Robbie Vega
Directed by Kent Santos
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Rise of the Minions Part 2 Minion Temper

Minion Power is the 3rd episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions.



This episode is the where the minions discover their true power. This is their first experience of them having a very very big adventure. Splinter asked for a robot rat from his dear scientist friend to use it in training always. The Minions face the robot for days they try to find him but they can't. Splinter said that they need to find him pretending that the robot is a villain. They look forward to this adventure. They don't know some ninja tips yet so Splinter did this. April was watching them on Splinter's TV where he controls the robot. April enjoyed watching and wished a good luck to the 4. They then found the robot and faced him. Splinter made the robot bigger and stronger. And so then the battle began and they tried their best. They had officially defeated the robot through they got injured and hurted. When they got home Splinter told them many more tips and techniques and April is still enjoys watching and wished once again a good luck to the 4.