Minion Temper is the 4th episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions.


Raphael was standing apart from a building along with the 3 but then he gots impatient and bored. While Mikey was eating a candy he slapped him and said that he is the one who made him bored and impatient but then Lance uttered "Hey Raph pls stop blaming Mikey for getting impatient. We've gotta so this mission." Donny then found the Kraang so they fighted and the Kraang went to the roof. Raph is even a guy named "Wooker" who is picturing and taking them a video which makes this Raph even more hot-headed like he's gonna explode. Since of Raph being so hot headed and impatient losing his temper the 3 sent them home. Splinter then told him a story when he loses his temper too. Meanwhile the 3 faced Wooker who became a giant spider due to the Kraang's mutagene. They can't do it but then Raphael  came and helped them then defeated the monster. They then united again with Raphael then went home. Raphael then said: "Having this temper gives me power. Oh yeah!". The 3 then just laughed.