A animated satire parody film starring the Minions. It parodies Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.


The Minions noticed one of Gru's neighbors murdered, exactly one year after they accidentaly ran over a fisherman. Now the Ghostface killer from Scream, knows exactly what they did on Halloween 2012. So it's up to the Minions to survive a horror and spoof movie, both inside a real one. After playing a video game, Dave gets a phone call from "Killer," but it's actually a prank call. Then he finds out Ghostface was in the wrong house and fails to kill Twilight Sparkle, before he realized. So Ghostface ran to Dave's house to actually kill him. Dave calls 911 on the killer, who escapes. More revealed soon!


  • This is the last of three Minion movies. 1st was The Minion Rush, and the 2nd is Equestria Minions.
  • It's a raunchy satire parody of Scary Movie, so some elements from S.M. were used.