Miracle Spirits got captured by... Aliens!? (Japanese: ミラクルスピリッツで...エイリアン捕獲ました!? Mirakurusupirittsum de... Eirian hokakumashita! ?) is the 4th episode of  Minions' Adventure.
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At the Minion Hotel, Kira was panicking that she isn't a superhero and she doesn't know why she turned into a Miracle Spirit. Miya asks what is a Miracle Spirit, Rainbow said that a Miracle Spirit is a female Minion that saves the human world from evil, without it. Human world will be doomed with darkness.

A UFO flies around above the Minion Hotel, the Minions noticed, they go out of the hotel and start to follow it. But the UFO flee away from them, Samantha thinks the aliens are scared. So Rainbow uses her vision to find were the UFO flew away, she tells the Minions that the UFO flee to the forest. So the Minions transform (expect Miya), Miya was surprised, Rainbow gives her a Miracle Purfume and Miya transforms.

Miracle Cat sees the path and Rainbow and the Miracle Spirits start to follow the UFO. The light above from the UFO suddenly shines, Rainbow and the Miracle Spirits noticed and the UFO sucks them up.

In the inside of the UFO, it was dark. Miracle Puma was calling for Rainbow and the Miracle Spirits, she was in fright. The girls won't answer her call, but a mysterious voice from the aliens call Miracle Puma that she is a coward, a crybaby and a liar, and she needs to be punished.

The Lights turn on, everyone noticed that they were tied by electric ropes. Queen Mururu tells the aliens to stop because the minions aren't evil. So the electric ropes fade. Miracle Cat tells Mururu for her name and Rainbow and the Miracle Spirits leave.

Suddenly, a mysterious demonic woman suddenly appears and turns the dragon statue into Miyuza, the people ran from the Miyuza. The Miracles attack the Miyuza, Miracle Bat uses Bat Razors, but the Miyuza dodges and spits out fire on Miracle Bat, Miracle Cat kicks the Miyuza 4 times, Miracle Tiger tries to use powers and Rainbow gives her a Miracle Angelad and attaches it into the Miracle Purfume and performs Stripe Fire and purifies the Miyuza. The Miracles turn back to normal and Samantha asks the demon for her name, the demon introduces herself that she is Yorokobi Senbō and leaves.


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