Oh my! Defense the Evil Minions! (Japanese: ああ私の! 防衛ザ悪手下! Ā Watashi no! Bōei za Teashita!) is the  first episode of Minions' Adventure.
MA EP1 Title


Samantha and Seth are seeing their house who was been destroyed by Evil Minions, Samantha has a flashback about her deceased parents who are trapped inside the house and later killed by Evil Minions. So, they leave the house.

And then, They return to the Residential Area. But they're are been caught by Gru, Samantha thinks that Gru is a villian, So, She runs away from him. Gru sends Jerry and Kevin to catch her but Samantha uses Charm Kiss to make Kevin unable to catch her. And then, She uses Sleepy Kiss to make Jerry fall into sleep.
Kevin heart pupils2

Well, it looks like that Kevin has a first crush.

Gru got mad that Samantha has powerful abilities to stop Jerry and Kevin, So, he uses his Lazer to shoot red lightning at her but she dodges from red lightning, Gru got mad again when she dodges lightning. So, Gru punches her face until he grabs her and Seth, Jerry and Kevin starts following Gru.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Gru puts Samantha at Agnes' bed, Agnes, Edith and Margo came to their room. They saw a new Minion sitting on Agnes' bed, but they look unhappy about her cat ears. They reffered her cat ears as "horns", making her tail, cat ears and three ribbons from her hair disappear. Gru told his adopted children not to tease her cat ears as "horns".

Kevin was very busy about reading a book about making a banana split. He laughs himself when something isn't funny inside the book, Samantha tries to talk to him but Kevin is so busy laughing, Samantha uses Electric Claw to zap him with her claws. Carl was here and there was an earthquake and Carl uses his megaphone to let everyone get out, Samantha has a megaphone too and also runs.

In the outside, the Gru family sees the Evil Minions using a hammer to make the ground crack easily, Samantha thinks that Gru has only 2 Minions because the others are turned into Evil Minions. Majo Gōsuto suddenly appears riding with her flying broom, Yoru. Samantha uses Kitten Punch to punch Majo with her brown kitten-paw-like gloves, But Majo uses her Evening Aura to block Samantha's Kitten Punch. Samantha uses Kitten Ball to hit her until Majo and Yoru blasted off into the sky. Samantha uses her PX-49 gun to hit all the Minions back to normal. Everyone was happy and the scene changes to the Minions having fun outside in Gru's house.


  • This is the debut of Kevin, Jerry and Carl in Minions' Adventure
  • The episode was renamed Evil Minion Defense! in the English dub.