Rock David Harleyson[1] known as "Pizza Boy" is a supporting deutoroganist in Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions. He is voiced by Jeff Hilario.


Young Rock was a smart and responsible boy. One day came where he had ate pizza
Pizza Boy

Young Rock practicing being a pizza delivery boy

and loved it. When he was 10, he dreamt of pizzas. He also wanna cook pizza by his own way. When he became 12, he tried cooking pizza by his own way and practice delivering but then after he noticed that his grades got lower, his mom let him stop from this and let him study first. So then Rock David studied harder to achieve his dream. He became loyal and charitable. He also planned to be cool. After years when he was 18, his mom let him to work as a pizza delivery boy, due to having good and very high grades. When he graduated, a day came where he meet Splinter, when he is still a human, not a rat. He was delivering pizzas he made when his motorcycle got out of gasoline. He decided to push it to a near gasoline station but suddenly, he wasn't aware that robbers are after him. They attacked Rock and he got hurt and screamed for help. Hamato then go rescue him by his ninja skills. Rock thanked him and Splinter talked to him for a while for some questions. Then after, Rock David walked away but Splinter said: "wait! Give me a pizza first before you leave!" And so he gave him and Rock went home happily. When the Minions meet him, they called him "Pizza Boy" since he's a good and responsible pizza delivery boy and his pizzas are delicious and awesome. A day came when he got mutated by the Kraang, when he tried to help the Minions. He becamed a boy with his hands covered by a suit and a big pizza gun attached to it. His foot have pizza boxes which shoots many pizzas, including different ingredients and recipes. Whenever he delivers, he shoots it by the gun attached to his arm. His mutation made even more sense to the name "Pizza Boy". He was re-named by Mikey "Super Pizza Boy" because he has a suit and fighting gear. He seemed to be loyal and helpful to the Ninja minions and very funny. He usually hangs with Mikey, due to loving jokes and fun.


  1. Name is confirmed by Am Sy at November 8, 2013