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This article is about the sketch show. For the Robot Minions, click here .

A comedy sketch TV series in the same manner of Robot Chicken, but with Minions.

Intro and Episode Plots

Intro: A dead Minion who looks like Dave is laying flat next to a road on a rainy night. An orange hand picks up the dead Minion by the hand. As it raises the minion, lightning strikes to reveal El Chavo, who wants revenge. He then starts drilling and cutting into the Minion to make a robot body. The Minion turns on and EC screams "ITS ALIVE" as the minion's laser hits the camera, revealing the show's title. Chavo then grabs the robotic Minion and throws it on a weird wooden chair, then the Minion gets strapped, locked, and gets eye pullers stuck to his eyes, forcing them open. Then El Chavo turns on 50 TV's set on five rows of 10 with a click or a remote, showing show clips, one does not. So we get a extreme zoom-in on the static-like television giving a Smash Black Cut to the Creator's title, then the show starts. Episodes: They have the Robot Chicken formula, with Minions, and having other new skits that R.C. didn't do yet.

Episode List

  • Rise of the Minions
  • Really Killing Ghosts
  • More episodes to be revealed soon!