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Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 3 (28 in human years)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'0
Weight 152 lbs

Rusty is a red dog with tan running down his tuft and belly. He has large floppy ears and brown eyes, with a light pink nose.


Rusty is great friends with Creamsicle, and was very defensive of his friend as a pup. He enjoys going on walks, and is sometimes let of the leash, but may go crazy after being let off. Rusty is very stubborn and rude at first, but if you get to know him, he's very nice, kind and generous.


Rusty used to live with Creamsicle in the junkyard when they were pups, but then Creamsicle was adopted and was taken in. Years later, he found her abandoned on the streets again, and decided to avoid her and treat her very mean. He soon meets Dusk, whom he later learns is his brother, but can't stand the fact the dusk was being a pampered pet while leaving him on the streets to suffer. Later on, he was caught by the pound, trying to save Creamsicle and Dusk and was never heard from again. He soon escaped, living with his new owner in Brooklyn, New York.


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