Shira Gōsuto
Vital statistics
Position Witch Villian
Age 13
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 10
Weight 12
 Shira Gōsuto is the youngest commander of Kingdom of Chaos in Minions' Adventure.


Witch Form

Shira wears a witch hat much like her sister but has a dark blue belt on it. She has a dark blue hait, dark blue and black dress, light blue eyes and light blue shoes and white socks. Much like her sister, she has a wand but it is dark blue.

Human Form

Much like her older sister, Shira has a Human Form. She has a daisy flower on her head, her eyes are darker than her original form, she wears a light blue dress, her hair is lighter than her original form. She wears a lavender skirt and orange shoes


  • She is Majo's younger sister
  • Shira was "The Witch Of Dark Winter". And was told by Ayame Yune in the episode 3 of Minions' Adventure.