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Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions aka TMNM is a TV Series.

Splinter, a friend of Gru, who is a ninja sensei was mutated into a rat and 4 of Gru's Minions which are: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo. When Splinter first hanged out with the 4, they all got mutated. The Minions were still minions but they are different. The 4 minions were bigger and can speak human language already. They can also transform themselves into one-eyed or two-eyed minions. There is also a sweet and pretty girl minion which is April who was a mutant minion already, same form of the 4 which they also fight of because they all have crushes on her.


Splinter- Splinter is a friend of Gru. He is a ninja sensei. When he saw Gru's Minions, he saw the 4 practicing ninjamoves, he asked Gru if he could get them and make them true ninjas.

Leonardo/Lance- Lance may be a quiet minion, but he is a good leader and seems to be the wisest and most mature. He wears a black ninja suit. He is very good at a variety of sword attacks.

Donatello/Donny- Donny is a genius that creates gadgets for the team. He has a bo staff that has laser and lightning bolts. He also has a jar which he use in defense. He is the brain of the team.

Michaelangelo/Mikey- Mikeangelo is a fun-loving minion that loves skating and pizza. His preferred weapon is the nunchuk. He is the fastest and most energetic of the 4. He makes the team happy whenever they are not.

Raphael- Raphael is a tough, hot headed, impatient and mean minion. He is the strongest among the 4. He is very strong and big muscled.

April- April is a minion which the 4 are fighting over of ecause they all have crush on her. She is a pretty and sweet minion. She seems to be a good friend to all 4.

Robot Rat- The Robot Rat is the robot that Splinter uses in training. It was invented by Dr. Nefario, Splinter's friend. This was first controllable but Nefario made it a real robot so that it can do actions by Splinter telling it what to do.





Season 1

Episode No. Episode Name
Minion Power
Aw! I got a Splinter!
Crom Diet
Where's April?
Rise of The Minions Part 1
Rise of The Minions Part 2
Minion Temper
I Think his name is Baxter Stockman
Monkey Mind
Never say Xever
Weapons Gone!
Attack of The Mousers
Meet Leatherhead
I, Monster
New Minion in town
The Alien Agenda
Minion Pulverizer is on his way!
Mutation Mutation
Rake's Gambit
Vic Digs
Karai's Vendeta
Minion Pulverizer has returned!
Minion Operation: Break out
Booyakasha Showdown Part 1
Booyakasha Showdown Part 2
Minions Rule!!!

Season 2





Am Sy- Director, Founder, Composer

Luis Gabriel- Director, Illustrator

Matthew Raphael- Composer, Director

Audric Chris- Illustrator, Director

John De Villa - Composer

Paul Reyes- Illustrator

Kent Santos- Director

Robbie Vega- Director, Composer


Richard Dela Cruz as Lance

Michael Zorro as Mikey

Victor Ortega as Donny

Sean Martinez as Raphael

Mark Sekhon as Splinter

Mariel Miller as April

Jeff Hilario as Pizza Boy

Vincent Fajardo as Marius Mocker

Kevin Garcia as Rake

Rico Mendoza as Vic

Manuel Pedro as Crom

Steven Agregado as Xever Marquez

Tyler Young as Chris Ford

Carlo Alonso as Baxter Stockman

Kristine Luna as Karai

Jean Lee as Wooker

Gerald Medina as Gobler

Jonathan Lopez, Kiel Trajano, and Nick Cruz as the Kraang

Paula Aquino as August

Donald Ronaldo as Robot Rat

Peter Lim as Leatherhead

Clarenz Mesina as The Pulverizer

Made in Manila, Philippines