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10 years after El Macho was arrested for attempting to destroy the world with the PX-41 serum, Dr. Nefario begins to grow sick and soon is not able to work for Gru any longer. With his Jelly and Jams business in full throttle, he needs someone to maintain it while he's away on a mission with the Anti-Villain League. He hires a new assistant named who has a hidden dark past nobody but his victims know about...

Gru: "Are you sure you'll be fine?"

Stephen: "Yes, I'm positive. Though I must alert you Phil hasn't been seen in several days."

Gru: "Really? I think he's sick. The last time I saw him, he was stumbling around coughing violently."

Stephen: "I'll check his quarters when I'm finished checking our stocks."

Gru: "Ok. Take Jerry with you."

Stephen: "Sounds good boss."

Gru (to Jerry): "Jerry! I want you to escort Mr. Marxe here to Phil's room."

Jerry: "Bee-do!"

Gru: "Well, I'm off to Spain with the Anti-Villain League. Bye!"

Stephen: "Goodbye boss."