Charles, Bree, Chase, Douglas and Poppy are owned by Vampwolfie and may not be recreated for any reason. (Pics are them grown but-so so)

Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Charles~ Tallest

Bree~ 3rd Tallest

Chase~ 4th Tallest

Douglas~ 2nd Tallest

Poppy~ Smallest

Weight Charles~ Chubby

Bree~ Average

Chase~ Average

Douglas~ Under Average

Poppy~ Over Average

Next Generation: PopsxChloe pups

One day, when Chloe and her friends visited Max at his apartment, Pops managed to get his way to it as well and almost flirted with Chloe the whole time. Chloe tried her best to ignore him but everyday he brought her a tasty treat after following her back to her apartment.

A year later, Chloe finally gave in and accepted his invitation to be his girlfriend. Surprisingly, it worked out quite well-despite his age and Chloe found herself falling for him.

Two years later, Pops proposes to her and Chloe accepts, ignoring the fact that he was a dog and she was a cat. Slowly, Chloe became more considerate and kind, replacing her sarcastic side with comedy instead.

One day in 2019, Pops became digested tuberculosis, staying home more. Chloe felt a little lonely but she visited him instead, regardless of the parties that continued. Soon, one thing led to another and Chloe found herself pregnant with his pups.

During Christmas, when all the pets and their owners were invited to Katie's place, she felt a little bit lightheaded, not eating and staying closer to Pops like ever before. When Duke asked how Chloe was doing, she collapsed and went into labor.

A little while later after the party ended, she gave birth to five dog and cat hybrids. Max, Duke, Gidget, Buddy and Mel offered to name them which Chloe and Pops agreed to. Sadly, overnight Pops passed away in his sleep, leaving her a single mother. Luckily, all her friends-including Katie helped her recover from the lost.


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