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Vic Digs is the 21th episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions.                                                    


Vic was bored so he planned on digging. He went on a trip to a Plain. He keeps on digging to find treasure. Just then the Minions were following him. Vic planned to steal. He digged at the back to have money. He also stole jewerly and golden accesories. He digged into houses to steal. But then one day the ninja Minions caught him and started a fight. Vic was so fast that the Minions would need a faster motorcycle for it. Vic then dug and their motorcycle fell onto the ground. The 4 reached the underground. Rovic then robbed April by stealing things. Crom and Rake were proud of him. He stole a weapon from Splinter. The Ninja Minions were stucked underground with April. The ninjas then came up with a plan to put everything into normal. Mikey and Raph made their weapons us treasures so that the three will go and chase them while Don and Lance will go get the weapons back and April will guard them so that no one will prevent them from stealing the items back. Donny has a locater that points to a room. When they got in the room, their eyes were so aurprised to see a room with tons of treasure, money, things and many more things. Lance then thinked of what to do to carry all of this things. Donny then said that a robot can do this. So he asked April to get Splinter and Robot Rat. Meanwhile, Raph and Mikey are still fighting until they kicked Rake out and Rake was thrown in an airplane then Crom was thrown in a ship. And for Rovic...He was thrown on a big and tall tree. Mike and Raph then came to see the other two but then they saw them having a hard time stealing the items out. Oance explained what happened and so 3 familiar voices were heard. It was Robot-Rat, April and Splinter! The robot rat then transformed into a large storage truck then all the stolen things were in. Splinter then went on the front seat and left 5 more spaces for them to ride in. They then got Victorious. Everything's back to normal and the 3 were lost, one is hup in the sky, one is down the water on the ship and the other one is on a big and tall tree.