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Weapons Gone! is an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions.



The ninjas are fighting in order to improve their skills. Leonardo/Lance faced Raphael while Donatello/Donny faced MIchaelangelo. Splinter was impressed and gave them free time. They then watch a show which is "Space Heroes" then 3 criminals came by and attacked them. Crom, the fat and big muscled guy faced Raphael, Vic, the thin and tall guy faced Donatello and Michaelangelo. And Rake, the leader faced Leonardo. The 4 defeated them and they went away. The 3 criminals then talked about revenge. Then they sneaked secretly into their home and stole their weapons while they are sleeping that night. When they woke up Splinter called them to train but they all paniced because their weapons are all gone but suddenly April arrived but after seeing the 4 no weapons she quickly thinked of asolution. Just then Mike had a flashback oh no.....I think I saw a big fat muscled guy, a tall and thin guy, and someone with spiky hair ... then Donny added: They had ah eh ur last last night attacked us at our kitchen no no i mean room. Then Raph and Lance remebered it immediately and planned to go and attack the 3. They divided themselves into 2 groups. Lance and Raph will fight and attack while Mike and Don will get the weapons by Donny's secret gadget. Soon the war became bigger and more epic. April and Splinter came to help. At the end they got their weapons back and hugged and kissed them as if they missed them so much. They then fighted each other with April and Splinter watching them happily.