When a Fluffy Unicorn comes to Life (Japanese: ふわふわユニコーンは生命に来るとき Fuwafuwa
Minions' adventure Title card
yunikōn wa seimei ni kuru toki
) is the second episode of Minions' Adventure.


The episode starts with the narrator telling that Samantha and her friends lost their Miracle Spirit forms. So, Samantha starts running through the Residential Area. A robot lizard suddenly falls from the sky, Samantha was surprised that where she come from. She says that her name is Rainbow and she is from the Garden of Clouds and tells a story that she came to Earth because the Garden of Clouds being attacked by the members of Kingdom of Chaos. Samantha was surprised again.

Meanwhile, at the Kingdom of Chaos. Majo Gōsuto was mad that her Evil Minions turn back into normal minions. She wants to sent Shira Gōsuto but she doesn't want, she wants to have her lazy day. But Majo says that she must sent a Miyuza to defeat Miracle Spirits and steal Gru's Minions. Shira says ok and drives away with Yoru.

Meanwhile, Samantha goes to Gru's house, telling him to invite Rainbow as his new servant, Gru tells Samantha where she come from. Samantha says that she is from the Garden of Clouds, the scene switches to Shira watching over people and she suddenly sees Gru's children and she also sees Agnes' Fluffy Unicorn so she uses her Evening Aura causing the sky turning into dark purple with black clouds the people starts begin to traumatized because of the sky changing to dark. Gru notices that the sky turning into purple. So, he sends out Akira, Samantha and Ayame.

Samantha says to Akari what happened, Akari sees Shira and points at her. She says that she did it and she says it's time to transform. So, the girls start to transform and Rainbow uses her power and sends their perfumes and Miracle Angelads to tranform.

Shira laughed evilly, she uses the purple ball and turns Agnes' Fluffy Unicorn into a Miyuza and uses a Freeze Ray from its horn and shoots at Akari and Ayame but they can't affected because they are the element of ice, Samantha uses Kitten Punch and hits the Miyuza. Akari and Ayame use Dual Froze and freezes the Miyuza's horns. Samantha uses the Frozen Blast and purifies the Miyuza.

Everyone turned back to normal and Agnes was glad that she has still her Fluffy Unicorn, Rainbow that she wants to eat a beetle. So, Samantha, Akari and Ayame laughed and they go to Gru's House. Shira disappeared.